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Meet Our Team


Andrea Tesch

Creator of Worth of One Retreat

Andrea has always had the desire to help and uplift women. Throughout her life she has held many leadership positions and helped women in both their personal lives and their businesses. After some of her own personal experiences and being a mother of 3 littles she saw the need for women to take time out for themselves and connect with each other.


She put her first 'Worth Of One' retreat on a few years ago and hundreds of women attended. The theme of the retreat was around helping attendees see their potential, value, and worth. Since then, she moved to Southern Utah and runs a property she has fallen in love with called the Zion Red Rock Oasis. She is excited to invite women from all over to experience this incredible multi million dollar property and continue the 'Worth Of One Retreat' with a smaller intimate group. This retreat is all about taking time out for yourself, realizing your potential, and having fun because you are worth it!

In her spare time she loves traveling, playing sports, dancing with her kids, and spending time with her husband.


Angie Taylor

Staff Member

Angie Taylor, is a Utah native, born and raised. She works in the business management world and is an Executive and Financial officer for Steward Ventures. 


Through her career she has found that nothing is out of reach. She has had the privilege of raising 6 beautiful children all of them successful and strong minded individuals.  Being the master planner for her family and maintaining her career with all of the hats worn through the years, She has found that having a strong women tribe is essential for her well being and health.


Through the struggles of everyday life, marriage, children, work and responsibilities she finds that being able to connect with women helps brings her life goals into focus. She is excited to be a part of this amazing retreat, and looks forward to meeting and learning from everyone who attends.  Women are powerful, we thrive when we band together.


Betsy Mabey

Staff Member

Betsy Mabey was born outside of Chicago, transplanted to Missouri, California and then Utah, and fortunate to attend seven elementary schools and forced to learn to look outside herself and make friends quickly. She still loves to meet new people and discover their incredible unique talents and gifts.

Betsy loves listening to and playing beautiful music, reading, exploring the great outdoors, early morning jogs/therapy sessions with friends, attending musical theater, and with her entrepreneurial husband, supporting their five children spanning first grade to college in their many pursuits and studies. Betsy and her husband, Justin, are owners of hotels in Utah, Colorado and Texas, a couple food trucks, and enjoy creating spaces where people can come together and build lasting memories.

Holly Coziar



Holly was born and raised in Ogden, Utah. She comes from a family of 10. I have been surrounded by people my whole life. Her family is what got her interested in photography. When she was just a wee one around age 12, she got my first camera and started shooting her little baby niece Hannah. She instantly fell in love when she captured the perfect moment. There is nothing more she enjoys than exploring the world with her hubby Kaden. She loves to travel and loves chocolate!

Rebecca Zundel

Massage Therapist

Worth Of One Retreat - 2020-169_websize.jpg

Rebecca has 4 kids and was born in raised in Hurricane, Ut near the beautiful Zion National Park. She has always loved nature which is where she started to develop her passion for healing and helping others. She attended Dixie College and got an Associates of Art Degree as well as earning her Massage license at the Utah College of Massage Therapy. She loves to watch Hallmark Romance movies &  reading adventurous & mysterious books. She is also really into self-help/growth books. She loves learning about rocks, gems & minerals & their healing properties. She collect rocks and also loves being near streams of water. Relaxing on hammocks on a warm breezy afternoon & watching the trees sway is one of her favorite things to do. She went through a divorce a few years ago and she is learning to embrace love, light & forgiveness for herself & others as she continues on her path to heal from her divorce. Through the heartache she has found someone pretty amazing she is currently spending lots of time with and falling hard.  

Kirstin Halverson

Horse Guide

Kirstin is a wife and a mother of 3 boys. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Child and Family Studies. She helped further research in blended families and remarriage and has helped educate the community on healthy relationships and how to achieve them. She developed a true love for horses when she was a teenager; struggling to find her own self worth and self confidence. Horses were a very personal and non judgmental way of healing and developing her own self confidence and self awareness.

Chef Rheanna

Private Chef 


Rheanna Bristol grew up in the heart of Zion National Park

and is humbly blessed to call this canyon her home. As a

child her parents owned a successful restaurant in

Springdale that earned the respect of locals, returning

tourists, and first time visitors. Completing school homework

during a busy restaurant shift became the normal staple

growing up in her family's restaurant.

Because of this heritage, Rheanna was taught the chemistry

of food, the importance of flavor, and ethic of hard work and

self accomplishment. Rheanna is a third-generation cook

following much of what she was taught by her father and

grandfather as they fed many in the Zion Canyon area since

1965. She has cooked for many different clients with various

backgrounds. This has included corporate events, women

empowerment, destination weddings, family reunions,

sports athletes, and celebrities.

Rheanna's different forms of hard work has been featured on

Wal-Marts Get On The Shelf Campaign, Good Things Utah,

Channel 2 News, and various other news and media outlets.

Rheanna loves everyone and is incredibly excited to be a

part of your event. Thank you for the opportunity.

Enjoy your stay inside Zion National Park...and dinner of




Power House Band

PowerHouse band is a 7 person band that sing and perform cover it songs from all genre's. They are from all across Utah and love performing at fairs, weddings, birthday parties, and retreats like the Worth Of One. They are excited to bring a fun and exclusiv concert this year!


Melissa Harris 

High Fitness Instructor

Melissa Harris is a certified high fitness instructor and knows how to raise the roof and have some fun when she teaches! She group up in Northern Utah loves empowering women through dance and fitness! In her spare time she loves being a mom to her 3 sweet girls, running her professional organizing business, DIY projects, and loves getting out in nature! 

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